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Armed Protestors Storm Michigan State Capital to Demand end to Coronavirus Lockdown

Dozens of heavily-armed protestors have recently occupied the US Michigan State Building to demand a rescinding of recent Coronavirus stay-at-home measures.

The so–named “American Patriot Rally” eschewed social-distancing rules as they crammed themselves inside the state’s capital building and the surrounding area yesterday, chanting en masse “Let us work”.

Police allowed more than a hundred protesters into the building (Reuters: Seth Herald)

Police allowed over 100 protestors, many armed, into the building (Reuters: Seth Herald)

Bizarrely, spokespeople from the aforementioned rally questioned the deadliness of the Coronavirus, which has so far taken the lives of more around sixty four thousand US lives.

Tweets circulating, which have since been deleted, proclaim sentiments such as “Let’s get businesses back open again. Let’s make sure there are jobs to go back to”.


"Governor Whitmer, and our state legislature, it's over with.

Open this state. Let's get businesses back open again.

Let's make sure there are jobs to go back to."

Republican US congressional candidate-Mike Detmer.


Amongst the numerous claims of injustice are sentiments claiming that stay-at-home orders violate US constitutional rights, as well as urging business owners to re-open on the first of May despite the Governor’s orders urging the opposite.

Michigan authorities have responded by stating that protesters will likely be fined by violating explicit social distancing orders.

The team at Tower Technology understands the desire for the economy to return to normalcy, but also most certainly understands the need for such extreme social distancing measures to reach their full impact, lest they be for nothing but a hollow gesture at best.

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