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Google suggests EU to use Existing Laws to Control emerging Artificial Intelligence

Calling on the European Union (EU) to sway towards using and perhaps tweaking current laws to govern the use of AI, Google has cautioned that drafting entirely new laws and precedents may result in a clunky, one-size-fits-all regulatory framework that would instead stifle progress in the rapid-paced world of AI.

The suggestions from Google was in response to the EU calling for feedback on its proposed changes in policy addressing the benefits, and more so the dangers, of AI into the near future.

The EU had voiced concerns regarding what they termed high-risk sectors in regards to AI implementation, including healthcare, transport, energy and the public-sector.

Google responded by publicly stating that “"There are already many regulations and legal codes that are technology neutral in nature, and thus broad enough to apply to AI, but it is worth evaluating if there are gaps in the context of specific concrete problems… Any gaps identified should be addressed via practical, principles-based rules which build on existing legislation, so as to avoid creating overly complex or conflicting legal obligations."

The team at Tower will watch the progression of AI law-implementation with a keen interest, as our algorithms thrive on the cutting edge, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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