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Linux Red Hat still shown as Trailblazer of Supercomputing Operating Systems

Red Hat Incorporated, the global leader in open source solutions, has recently revealed that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the driving force behind the top three supercomputers in the world, as well as powering a fourth supercomputer in the world’s top ten. The software, already widely used in multivariate forms across the internet of things amongst many other applications, has proven its worth in the most demanding world of supercomputers.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux powers the following supercomputers:

-Fugaku, the top-ranked supercomputer in the world based at RIKEN Center for Computational Sciences in Kobe, Japan.

-Summit, the number two-ranked supercomputer based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

-Sierra, the third-ranked supercomputer globally based at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California.

-Marconi-100, the ninth-ranked supercomputer installed at CINECA research center in Italy.

Steve Conway, senior adviser, HPC Market Dynamics, Hyperion Research, recently stated that “Every one of the world’s Top 500 most powerful supercomputers runs on Linux, and a recent study we did confirmed that Red Hat is the most popular vendor-supported Linux solution in the global high performance computing market.” He further commented that “Red Hat Enterprise Linux is designed to run seamlessly on a variety of architectures underlying leading supercomputers, playing an important part in driving HPC into new markets and use cases, including AI, enterprise computing, quantum computing and cloud computing.”

Red Hat works closely with other open source communities such as the Supercomputing Containers project, to continually expand their technological influence.

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